Age Regression

« It’s never too late to have a happy childhood… » (Bill O’Hanlon)

The age regression method is a therapeutic technique which was previously employed around the eighteenth century (Janet, 1889). However it became popular with therapists working with war victims suffering from psychological trauma at the time of the Second World War. During the hypnotic session, the patient can displace himself along a time axe linked to his personal and subjective associative memory. The patient with the help of the therapist can revisit his lifetime experiences in a safe setting, under control. The patient with the help of the accompanying therapist can take on the role of helper to himself. The therapist as an ally to the patient, allows the patient to bring about healing changes. The negative and destructive repetitive or blocked traumatic experience is replaced by a positive change and vital resource. Age regression has several forms.

We have workshops for : positive age regression reinforcing resources negative age regression dealing with conflictual unsolved situations or trauma which are resulting in psychopathological thinking and behavior. A part of our formation includes stabilisation techniques, which must be acquired by the therapist when dealing with the highly charged emotional problems of his patients.